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Here for all your basement needs!

Here for all your basement needs!

Here for all your basement needs!Here for all your basement needs!Here for all your basement needs!

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Pressure Release System Dakota Basement Systems

Pressure Release System "PRS"

"PRS" Pressure Release System


Pressure Release System

Dakota Basement Systems has designed and Implements a pressure release system that will provide more benefits to your home than just a dry basement. The PRS will help relieve the lateral pressure on the foundation walls, this is the force that pushes the wall in, bows, cracks, and in worst cases completely caves the wall in. Also the PRS manages the Hydraulic pressure or ground water the seeps into the basement threw the cold joints of the floor and footing where they meet the wall. This ground water contains acids that over time leach out the lime that makes up the mortar and bricks, this results in efflorescence a white powder. This will jeopardize the integrity of the foundation weakening it and eventual failure. We are very particular about the materials and procedures we use, all component simple as they are are critical to the long lasting functionality of the PRS. With this evolutionary system it is backed up by 300 years of trusted performance originally developed by the Army Corps of Engineers and adapted to modern building practices. We use a sealed sump pit for a couple reasons. First the PRS is able to provide Complete Floor Plan Radon Mitigation, because it is in contact with the earth which will cause a negative pressure and requires a sealed pit. Secondly in the ground water there is bacteria which mold and mildew grow. At this point is is imperative to realize that the water is completely kept OUT of the living area and so is the mold and mildew. There will also be a duel pump system used that includes a battery backup pump and smart technology rather than mechanical float switches that fail over time. It is also compatible with smart home systems and can alert you with emails of any failures that may occur. Every home and situation is different. We will go over the entire process and answer any question, Please schedule your personal custom consultation by scheduling on this site or by  calling 605 260 1364 basement waterproofing foundation wall repair flooded basement


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